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Jigsaw ist ein fiktiver Superschurke, der in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Die Figur wurde von dem Schriftsteller Len Wein und dem Künstler Ross Andru kreiert und trat zum ersten Mal in The Amazing. Echter Name: Billy Russo. Pseudonym: Jigsaw. Weitere Pseudonyme: Billy, Billy the Beaut, Jigsaw Punisher. Status. Identität: öffentlich. Staatsbürgerschaft: USA. Alle kriminellen Taten Russo's erlangten ihn bald zum Spitznamen Jigsaw, bis er sich wieder mit dem Punisher traf. Marvel's the Punisher. Jigsaw wird in Marvel's The Punisher realistischer und vielschichtiger. Eigentlich sollte der hübsche Billy Russo durch die Verletzungen, die ihm. Das „Puzzle“ (= Jigsaw) ist hier nicht sein entstelltes Gesicht, sondern mehr in seinem Kopf. Er ist scheinbar verwirrt, wird von Albträumen geplagt.

the punisher jigsaw

Staffel ist Billy Russo a.k.a. Jigsaw vernarbt, aber immer noch nicht so vernarbt, wie in den Comics. Für den ein oder anderen Punisher-Fan. Netflix enthüllt die Identität des Charakters, den Ben Barnes in der "Punisher"-​Serie spielen wird, allerdings bekommt er einen neuen. Jigsaw wird in Marvel's The Punisher realistischer und vielschichtiger. Eigentlich sollte der hübsche Billy Russo durch die Verletzungen, die ihm.

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This also costed Cevello's escape as both himself and Jigsaw were returned to their prison cells after the riot was over and the Punisher making his escape from Rykers.

Jigsaw was caught robbing a warehouse by Tigra. Tigra punched him around and kept him from taking anything, but was stopped by a government official who thought she was a villain.

However, Jigsaw was still furious. When the Hood offered support to help villains get back at heroes, Jigsaw joined with the understanding Hood would help him get revenge on Punisher, Spider-man , and Tigra.

Since it was hard to locate Frank, Hood and his goons tracked down Ms. Greer and captured her. Hood then beat her senseless while Jigsaw video-taped the whole thing.

Later, it was revealed that Hood and Jigsaw had stripped Tigra and were keeping her captive. They threatened to kill her mother if she didn't tell them where the New Avengers were.

She revealed that they were in an abandoned building that was magically disguised so they couldn't be arrested. Chemistro broke the magical seal and Hood's Gang stormed the house.

When Jessica Jones attempted to escape to bring her baby to safety, Jigsaw was waiting and prepared to sniper either her or the infant both choices could easily have killed the child.

However Spider-man sneaked up on him and punched him. Jigsaw survived, but was not involved in the Hood's hunt to kill Punisher.

Tigra began to avenge her assailant, but has not yet encountered Jigsaw. For now, despite being a wanted criminal, it appears he is safe from harm.

Operating from within a mental hospital, Jigsaw is back and planning to kill the Punisher again after an extended hiatus.

His new plan involves brainwashing mentally ill people and training them to kill so that they would be able to kill the Punisher for him.

Punisher's long ago ally and former Lady Punisher Lynn Michaels has joined SHIELD and changes her identity to go undercover where she befriends one of the hospitals patients and sympathises with his situation.

Jigsaw's plan failing thanks to a number of factors including Michaels and The Hand , the plan leads to a final confrontation with Punisher where both men are stopped and arrested by SHIELD.

Michaels, only just commended for her work, gives her mentally ill friend a gun and sends him into Jigsaw's prison cell to shoot him before they are both arrested!

Frank Castle, back from the dead and on his most bloody and brutal campaign ever, to hunt down the Hood , has been working with Jigsaw's illegitimate son Henry for some years now.

When the two have a misunderstanding over the kid's alcoholic mother and Punisher sends Henry packing, the young hacker comes home to find his estranged abusive father Jigsaw waiting for him.

Along with him is a hideously disfigured Stuart Clarke , his alleged businessman. Knowing that Henry has been working with Punisher all this time, Jigsaw claims that he just wants to make up for lost time and atone for his sins.

But really what he means is that he has the ultimate plan to bring the Punisher to an end and claim revenge for everything over the last few decades.

Jigsaw has Microchip under lock and key, insane and livid after his last encounter with Punisher.

He also has a mysterious assassin covered in burns that he claims is Frank's resurrected wife, the woman he burned back to the grave after Hood brought her back.

All he needs to do is to win back his son so that he can track down the vigilante, tear him apart from the inside and then have free reign over New York.

But as tensions run high between Jigsaw and Clarke, as their plan has succeeded and true agendas begin to out, betrayal is in the air and Jigsaw, Henry and Frank find themselves in a conflict that is more complex than just the desire to kill.

Henry is torn between two father figures, Jigsaw is torn between what he wants for his son and Frank is driven so helplessly mad angry that he might not care who has to die at the end of the day in order for Jigsaw to meet his maker.

In a savage fight that brutalizes, breaks, disfigures and leaves both men lying in a pool of their own blood, Jigsaw falls through the collapsing roof as the building they're on top of is being gutted by raging fire.

As Frank lies unconscious, Henry tries to help his father out of the fire but rather clinging onto his pride, Jigsaw refuses and lets himself fall into the inferno.

Suddenly, Frank is up on his feet as the building is about to collapse, picks up Henry and dives from the rooftop into the telegraph wires below, electrocuting himself and taking the force of the fall to the pavement to save Henry's life.

The two part way and the Jigsaw legacy has ended! In the alternate reality that places contemporary heroes and villains into the era of Detective, PI and Mafia pop icons, Jigsaw enters as the number one hit-man of Al Capone, sent to assassinate the Punisher.

In a follow up, Jigsaw and Joker - kindred spirits - team up in the hopes of killing off both Batman and Punisher. Garth Ennis' legendary run on the Punisher having come to an end, the MAX imprint continued with various unrelated story arcs.

Here, Jigsaw is reimagined as a gangster known as "The Heavy. Setting a trap to have Punisher believe he is responsible for the murder of a child, Jigsaw fails as Frank performs an impromptu autopsy to find the bullet.

When they go toe to toe, Punisher drops Jigsaw through a glass window where he plummets and falls onto the roof of a train.

It is not known whether he is dead or alive but the character never returns. Ori noted that he was a key spokesman in the anti-gun debate which would make him hiring armed guards problematic, to which Russo questioned if his personal principles were worth dying for.

Impressed by this, Ori hired Anvil as Russo promised to begin work immediately, leaving Isaac Lange and Simon to stand guard while Russo collected more agents and provided needed security measures.

When Russo had joked about killing the terrorist in the most humane way possible, Ori laughed before shaking Russo's hand and welcoming onboard as Russo had then left Lange there while he got some more agents.

Russo and Stan Ori discussing his protection. With all of his guards in place, Russo then spoke with Ori about their upcoming interview with the New York Bulletin , with Ori insisting on doing the interview downstairs in public while Russo insisted that this would be a mistake.

As Ori had claimed that hiding in his hotel room from the terrorist would send out the wrong message to their public, Russo claimed he was less concerned with Ori's image than he was over keeping Ori from being assassinated.

Getting a call, Russo then quietly excused himself as he then stepped outside of the room and had answered the call to find Frank Castle was on the other line.

Russo is called on the phone by Frank Castle. Castle noted just how business with Anvil must be good due to their newest high value target, although Russo then noted that according the the news reports this was all down to Castle himself.

Russo once again noted that his offer to get Castle out of New York City was still on the table if he wanted it to avoid being arrested.

Castle noted that Wilson was already on his way to assassinate Ori to keep him from making his speech, explaining that Wilson had told him this directly.

Castle suggested getting Ori safe while Castle could ambush and kill Wilson, telling Russo keep all of the Anvil agents out of his way.

Russo introduces himself to Karen Page. As Castle hung up the call, Russo met Karen Page as she arrived to interview Ori, immediately noting that he was aware that Page carried a gun with her, promising she could get the gun returned once their interview was over.

They discussed the irony of an anti-gun Senator choosing the military contractor as his new private security, to which Russo jokingly claimed Anvil was their best choice out there.

When Page questioned where Russo studied to gain such good marketing skills, he answered that it had been in Afghanistan , before welcoming her into Ori's hotel suite in order to finally begin their interview.

Russo encounters Dinah Madani 's arrival. While making his way throughout the hotel with a small team of Anvil agents, Russo encountered Dinah Madani who had been waiting for him, with Russo noting that he thought it was great to see her back at work in the wake of the recent incidents involving her.

Russo noted that he could not really talk due to still protecting Stan Ori , to which Madani claimed she was there to talk about some of Anvil 's agents, handing him the files of Tom Weems and the others on that team , with Madani noting that they had killed her agents and had also previously worked for Anvil.

Russo catches back up with Dinah Madani. Russo insisted that he did not have a personal connection to these men, claiming that although they had indeed previously worked for him several years ago, but they had also likely worked freelance for other organizations, claiming that Anvil had a strict policy on not to rehire men who had ever worked for criminal organizations.

Russo questioned what Madani and Homeland Security had been involved involved with to cross paths with these men before questioning if he had become a suspect in Sam Stein 's death, with Madani noting that the fifth man on the team had escaped without being identified.

Russo promised Madani that he was look into the case to find the fifth suspect, before then suggesting that he come into the Madani Residence later that night to then discuss it further, although Madani rejected this.

Changing the subject, Madani noted that if the New York Bulletin was to be believed, then Russo was protecting Ori from both Lewis Wilson and Frank Castle , questioning if Russo was willing to kill his friend to which Russo claimed that if he had to he would.

As they discussed Castle, Russo was suddenly alerted by an alarm and realized one of his agents was not answering his radio. Russo taking careful aim at Frank Castle.

While Wilson was causing chaos and Ori was being taken to safety, Russo eventually caught up with Madani and Castle in the hotel's stairway, with Russo attempting to kill Castle by shooting him in the head, missing his shot and wounding Castle.

As Castle fell down the stairs, Madani aimed her gun at Russo who attempted to find his shot to finish off his target.

As Madani demanded to know why he had fired, Russo claimed he thought that Castle was aiming for her and he was therefore just trying to protect her.

Madani demanded that Russo lower his gun, but he refused and continued aiming. Madani insisted that she was a federal agent ordering him to lower his weapon, but still Russo refused, before comparing his actions to war and claiming that the only crime in war would be to lose.

Madani noted that she had realized that Russo had indeed killed Stein during the Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse , as Russo then aimed his gun at Madani.

Before Russo could execute Castle and Madani, he was suddenly found by the New York City Police Department who took Russo and Madani into custody while Castle was able to get away and later assisted in killing Wilson during the chaos.

Russo is questioned by Brett Mahoney. Mahoney began by asking Russo directly about Lewis Wilson and how Wilson had been offered a job at Anvil , with Russo noting the interview itself had been a favor for Curtis Hoyle and Wilson had soon been rejected for as to Wilson's poor mental health.

Russo discusses Lewis Wilson 's ambush. Discussing how Wilson had been able to breach all Anvil's security, Mahoney explained that Wilson had killed Isaac Lange and taken his uniform, noting that this had made breaching their security so easy.

Seeing that Mahoney was questioning his team's skills, Russo noting that Stan Ori was still alive thanks to the work of Anvil, pointing out that four Anvil agents had just been killed and so they should not be accused of negligence now.

Russo then turned the questions back on Mahoney, comparing the United States Armed Forces with the Police Department to insist they completed the mission.

Russo is directly asked about Frank Castle. Mahoney noted that it was a big coincidence involved with his case due to Russo almost recruiting Wilson and having served alongside Frank Castle who was now believed to have been working alongside Wilson to try to assassinate Ori.

Tired of the questioning, Russo then insisted that either Mahoney arrest him or he would walk away. As Russo attempted to walk away, Mahoney demanded to know when had been the last time he had spoken with Castle, to which Russo claimed he had not spoken to him in two years, also claiming he had believed Castle was dead before then before walking away.

Russo makes a statement of WHiH News. In the wake of the Attack on Stan Ori , Russo decided to give a public statement on WHiH World News as he claimed that he had believed his friend Frank Castle had been dead but declared that the man Castle had become was a monster.

On behalf of Anvil , Russo promised that his priority would be finding Castle, who was still on the run after Lewis Wilson 's death, and vowed that Anvil would contribute in anyway they could, questioning what had happened to Castle.

Russo arrives back at Homeland Security. Russo then made a trip to the Homeland Security Headquarters upon being summoned to give a statement on the recent events, being accompanied by two armed guards.

Russo arrived in the main room where agent Dinah Madani thanked him for coming, to which Russo joked that he had made his living from being around whenever the government called.

Russo sat down for his interview, which Madani recorded as she presented him with pictures from the Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse , including images of the men killed at their shootout, to which Russo questioned why he was there.

Madani presented Russo with an image of Sam Stein 's corpse and accused him of being a murderer who was soon going to pay.

Russo however claimed that he had only been at that location to collect Madani before saying on camera that he had brought her back to the Madani Residence and noting that they had previously engaged in a sexual relationship within that residence.

Madani then questioned if Russo and Castle had engaged in illegal actions while stationed they had both been stationed in Kandahar , to which Russo noted that his own file showed no record of him being stationed in Kandahar.

Russo is directly threatened by Dinah Madani. Madani then turned off the camera before giving Russo the offer to give her everything on Operation Cerberus and his own dealings with William Rawlins , with the mention of Rawlins' name causing Russo to look up.

While Madani issued him with threats, Russo claimed that Madani was merely haunted by the deaths of both Stein and Ahmad Zubair and was looking for someone to target, to which Madani then noted that she was looking for Castle who in turn was now aiming to kill Russo for his betrayal if Madani was not able to capture him first, causing Russo to then reconsider her offer for safety.

Russo and Rawlins kidnap the Liebermans. Using the CIA 's surveillance equipment, William Rawlins was able to discover that Frank Castle had just recently been in contact with the family of the believed to be deceased David Lieberman when Zach Lieberman called a hotline in order to give up information on Castle's current whereabouts.

Russo then had the pair tied up in an empty warehouse in the hope that Castle would seek them out, allowing Russo to assassinate him.

Russo questions William Rawlins ' new plan. While looking at the utterly terrified Liebermans, Russo questioned if Rawlins had known that David Lieberman was alive, to which Rawlins noted that Carson Wolf had assured him that he had been murdered.

Russo claimed that the entire situation was currently getting out of hand since he had killed Homeland Security agents and that Rawlins' name was somehow now known by Dinah Madani.

Rawlins noted that he had gotten Marion James involved in the operation, meaning if they were caught then the CIA would come out looking bad, which James did not want to happen, meaning they were protected.

Russo insults William Rawlins ' cowardliness. Russo however noted that none of them were safe now that Castle knew that he was involved, with Rawlins recommending that as they would all be in danger as long as he was alive, they go into Micro's Hideout where Castle had been tracked to using Sarah Lieberman's phone and finally assassinate him.

Russo however had refused to go himself, refusing to expose himself any more than he already had, instead sending in his Anvil agents.

Russo suggested that Rawlins go in person, which he refused to do as he did not wish to get his hands dirty with their situation, which did not surprise Russo.

Russo gets a mission update from agent Jack. While Russo watched over Sarah and Zach Lieberman , he sent a squad of well armed Anvil agents to Micro's Hideout in an attempt to find and kill Frank Castle once and for all.

Shortly after they arrived, Russo was called by Jack who informed him that there seemed to be nobody at the Hideout anymore, but they had found footage of Cerberus Squad while they were torturing and killing Ahmad Zubair as well as a mysterious count down on the computer.

When Russo learned that Castle's phone was still there, he realized that this was his trap and ordered them to get out.

Russo makes a new deal with the Punisher. Russo's conversation with Jack was cut short as the Punisher then caused an explosion as he ambushed the entire team.

Having waited several minutes, Russo's phone rang again only for Castle to be on the other side accusing Russo of not having the balls to face him in person and sending in his men to do his dirty work.

Castle vowed that sooner or later they would face off in which one would kill the other, which Russo denied as Castle was a wanted man and would likely be captured or killed by Homeland Security before they could ever face off against each other one final time.

Russo personally arrives in of Micro's Hideout. Castle warned that if anything happened to either of the Liebermans, then Micro would release everything on Operation Cerberus , so they agreed to have an exchange for Micro and Punisher in exchange for the Liebermans, which Castle agreed to as he told Russo to contact him was everything was arranged before hanging up.

Russo then traveled to hideout where he discovered all of the corpses Castle had left in his wake, alongside the footage of William Rawlins torturing Zubair and the countdown clock, causing Russo to then curse as he considered what his next actions would be.

Russo took position with his sniper rifle as he watched the exchange got underway, with the Liebermans under threat of being burned alive if anything went wrong.

However suddenly Homeland Security agents arrived on the scene, causing chaos as Castle was captured while Lieberman was seemingly killed during the crossfire.

Russo cursed for Lieberman's death before shooting out Homeland Security's tires and making his escape. Russo speaks with the captured Punisher.

Taking Frank Castle back to Micro's Hideout , Russo awoke him as Castle noted that the Hideout was looking better since it was now covered in the blood of Anvil agents.

Russo noted that while he was in Cerberus Squad he had never considered what it would be like to be in his victim's place, which Castle was now in.

Russo questioned why Homeland Security had turned up, with Castle denying that he had any knowledge while questioning if Lieberman had called them, noting that he did not want to see Russo and William Rawlins under arrest, but he instead wanted to see both of them dead.

Russo laughs at all of the Punisher 's threats. Russo however merely laughed at all Castle's threats, claiming that Castle stood no chance of ever winning and would not be able to kill him or Rawlins, just telling him that the last choice Castle would be allowed to make would be how he would die.

Russo noted that the Liebermans were safe as Castle demanded to know where Micro was, to which Russo explained that Micro was dead and so Castle had to turn off the footage of Ahmad Zubair 's death.

Castle asked Russo if the Massacre at Central Park was unavoidable, questioning if Russo had killed Maria Castle and their children himself.

Russo confesses to knowing of the Massacre. Sitting down, Russo told Castle he had not been at Central Park , also noting that if he was then he would not have missed the chance to kill Castle himself, claiming that he had told Ray Schoonover that he wanted no part in their deaths.

As Castle cried upon learning his own friend had been aware that all his family would be slaughtered, Russo told him to look him in the eye while Russo insisted that he had never wanted any of this to happen.

Russo offered Castle an easy or hard death, while he called Russo's bluff, telling Russo to kill him himself, knowing he could not until the countdown had stopped.

Russo gets up close to Frank Castle 's face. Russo continued mocking Frank Castle , even when Castle accused him of purely being obsessed with his own self image.

Russo claimed that this were about who he saw when he looked in the mirror, telling Castle when he knew when he looked in the mirror Castle only saw some who lost his wife and his two children and would soon lose his life, to which Castle claimed that Russo had lost his honor every since he had accepted money to commit treason.

Russo stands by as William Rawlins arrives. Russo noted that they had both witnessed breaking while in these situations and demanded the passcode, just as William Rawlins then entered the room, promising that things would get considerably more painful if he did not comply.

Castle questioned if Russo really trusted Rawlins, asking if Morty Bennett had also trusted him before he had been murdered , but Rawlins explained that he and Russo had mutual interests.

Russo then watched on as Rawlins put on his heavy leather gloves and then began striking Castle across the face multiple times, eventually causing Castle to lose some teeth and spit out blood.

Russo cleans up all of Frank Castle 's injuries. Several hours into the torture, Russo had begun cleaning up Castle's blood from his face as he began to question who and what Castle was protecting, as everyone he cared about was now dead, including Gunner Henderson and Micro , and they were all dead because of Castle's actions.

Russo then suggested that Castle give up and allow Russo to give him a clean death, until finally Castle claimed that he was ready to die, begging Russo to be the one to kill him cleanly and not Rawlins, as he knew Rawlins would prefer to continue torturing him until his heart gave out through all of the agonizing pain.

Russo agrees to execute Frank Castle himself. Russo agreed to Castle's wish to kill him as Castle confessed that the way to turn off the countdown was using a retinal scanner which was on Micro's desk and a passcode which he knew.

Russo had his Anvil agents drag Castle's chair up onto the computer, ordering the hacker to move aside so Castle could enter the passcode which his fingerprints and use the retinal scanner to end the countdown.

Both Russo and Rawlins watched while Castle entered the code and used the retinal scan, finally stopping the footage of Cerberus Squad while they tortured and killed Ahmad Zubair , much to their relief.

However, just as Rawlins began mocking Castle and claiming that he was disappointed in him, Castle drew a blade hidden under his chair and plunged it into Rawlins' chest before anybody could react fast enough to stop him.

Russo desperately attempted to pull Rawlins away but Castle was still able to drag him over and bit into Rawlins' neck, causing the CIA agent to scream out in agony.

As they wrestled on the floor, Russo then struck Castle with the butt of his gun, finally freeing Rawlins from his grip as Rawlins proceeded to kick Castle in the head out of anger and knocked him unconscious.

Russo monitored the hacker as she deleted all of Micro 's files he had left on the computer, while she commented on how they would have never gotten past all of his security.

When the hacker noted that she would like to meet Micro, Russo told her he was dead and threatened to kill her if she ever revealed anything she had seen to the public.

Russo then began watching as William Rawlins continued torturing Frank Castle , horrified at how deranged Rawlins was.

Russo demands that William Rawlins stop. Interrupting the torture, Russo told Rawlins that Castle had had enough and they should leave the hideout once everything had been wiped from the computers.

When Russo noted that he would be killing Castle himself, Rawlins refused, noting that Castle had taken things from him and therefore would not be allowed to die easily, claiming that he did not care about the promise he had made to him.

Having heard Rawlins' words, Russo began questioning if he had lost his position within the CIA , asking Rawlins directly what Castle had taken from him, which Rawlins still refused to answer.

Russo and William Rawlins have a face off. Tired on the unneeded pain being caused, Russo dragged Rawlins away from Castle and demanded that he stop, only for Rawlins to furiously claim that Russo still served his needs and should not be involved.

Russo claimed he had gotten out of Afghanistan without being mentally damaged and because of Rawlins, he was now being dragged into the mud, with Rawlins claiming that he had pulled him out of the mud.

Rawlins then went on to claim that Russo had dirtied himself by killing Homeland Security agents, noting it was because of Rawlins and his CIA influence that Russo had gotten this far.

Russo threatens to finally kill the Punisher. Disgusted, Russo claimed that he should have allowed Castle to kill Rawlins while back in Kandahar as Rawlins laughed in his face at the threat.

Wishing to disrupt Rawlins' plans, Russo went behind Castle and placed his gun to the back of his head, with Rawlins ordering him to stop under the threat of then being handed over to Homeland Security.

Desperate to be the one to kill Castle, Rawlins drew his gun and aimed it at Russo, noting that Castle owed him an eye.

Seeing that Rawlins had become a serious threat to him due to his mental stability, Russo quietly cut Castle's ties and walked away.

Russo watches Castle killing William Rawlins. As the hacker informed Russo that she was done and was sent off with her money, Russo watched as Rawlins injected Castle with a burst of adrenaline to ensure he experienced all the pain.

Russo kept his distance as he saw Rawlins' attempt to cut out Castle's eye being blocked when Castle broke himself out of his bounds and knocked Rawlins to the floor.

Russo calmly took Rawlins' gun away and just watched closely as Castle proceeded to furiously throw Rawlins to the floor, stabbing him repeatedly before beating him senseless and finishing his revenge by plunging his thumbs into Rawlins' eyes.

Russo is forced to run from Homeland agents. Russo smiled as Castle fell off Rawlins' bloodied corpse, struggling to breathe, with Russo commenting on how he always liked watching Castle killing somebody.

As Russo made his way to the dying Castle, he questioned what he had meant as Castle claimed that he wished he could live long enough to see the look on Russo's face when he realized he was done and would now lose everything.

Just as Castle noted he would use Rawlins' own gun to kill Castle, he heard Dinah Madani 's Homeland team bursting inside, as Russo was shot in the shoulder and forced to escape before he could kill Castle.

Having escaped from inside Micro's Hideout just before he could be captured by any of Dinah Madani 's agents and eventually managed to make it back to Anvil Headquarters.

Russo focused on pulling out the bullet from his arm before pouring whiskey on the wound to clean it, despite this causing him considerable pain.

Having patched up the wound, Russo then collected his weapons and cash and prepared to go on the run, only to then overhear some incoming agents who had managed to find his location and had come to capture and bring Russo to justice.

Using his knowledge of the building's layout to his advantage, Russo managed to kill the two agents who had come inside his own office almost immediately, before taking their radios and making his way towards the exit.

As the Homeland Security agents spoke to each other on the radio during their search for their target, Russo used this to learn their positions within the building's hallways in order to get ahead and quietly execute them all with his silenced pistol, with his training in the United States Armed Forces allowing him to kill them with perfect accuracy before they could even see him coming.

Russo calmly destroys the Anvil Headquarters. Once Russo had eventually killed all of the Homeland Security agents who he could find within the building, he made his way outside and calmly set off a bomb within the Anvil Headquarters.

Without looking back, Russo kept walking as Anvil , the company he had built from the ground up, was completely destroyed in a fireball.

Knowing that he had become a high-value target for Homeland Security, and that he had lost everything William Rawlins and he had been building for years, Russo set about finding Frank Castle so that he could execute his revenge against his former friend for ruining his life.

Russo reveals himself to Curtis Hoyle. Seeking information, Russo went into Curtis Hoyle's Apartment and awaited his awakening, taking his hidden pistol from underneath the adjacent pillow.

Once Curtis Hoyle awoke, Russo revealed himself as Hoyle noted that he had seen reports on the news about Russo being armed and dangerous.

Russo questioned if it was Lewis Wilson who had given Hoyle all of the bruises on his face which he confirmed, as Russo noted he would have killed Wilson before he had even gotten a chance, before allowing Hoyle put his false leg on.

Russo demands the truth about Frank Castle. Russo questioned how long Hoyle knew Frank Castle was still alive, which he did not answer and instead tried to convince Russo that he needed help.

Russo mocked this idea of going to Hoyle's therapy sessions and, when Hoyle questioned if he had really ever turned his life around since leaving the United States Armed Forces , Russo then admitted he did not.

Hoyle then got to his feet and asked if he was allowed to make coffee, which Russo told him he could do as Hoyle explained that he had kept Castle's secrets because he was asked to, noting that Castle only ever wanted to protect Russo.

Russo threatening to torture Curtis Hoyle. Russo went on to suggest that Castle was, in fact, the one to blame for everything that had gone wrong before feeling the need to defend the actions of Operation Cerberus by noting the drugs would have gotten out of Afghanistan anyway so he and Ray Schoonover might as well have made the deals.

As Hoyle opened all the curtains, he noted that Russo and Castle were very alike, except Castle would never betray a brother, but Russo noted that he was there to force Hoyle to betray Castle, threatening to shoot him in his good leg until he revealed the truth, asking once again where Castle was.

Russo furiously shooting at Curtis Hoyle. Hoyle offered Russo the coffee, taking a drink out of his own to show it was not poisoned.

However, just as Russo went to take the coffee, he realized that he had been convinced to step into the center of the room with the windows now fully exposed.

Sensing the trap, Russo dived to the floor just as Castle fired a shot from his sniper rifle, barely missing Russo. Furious, Russo dived for cover and shot Hoyle in the shoulder as he hid, with Russo continuing to fire at him.

As the shooting stopped, Russo held a knife up to the window which Castle fired at, confirming that he was still aiming for him.

Russo is called on the phone by the Punisher. As Russo complained that he was taking these betrayals personally, Hoyle's phone then began to ring so Russo allowed him to answer it.

Hoyle then told Russo that Castle wanted to speak to him and threw him the phone, as Russo noted that they knew each other so well that they were able to predict each other's attacks.

Castle ordered Russo to let Hoyle go to ensure nobody else got hurt but Russo still refused, telling Castle that he intended to hurt everybody Castle ever cared about in order to get to him, threatening to allow Hoyle to bled out, but Castle threatened to call Homeland Security if he did.

Russo arranges to battle the Punisher again. Russo only agreed to leave Hoyle alone, if Castle agreed to empty the rifle, as Russo listened to ensure this happened.

Getting onto his feet, Russo made eye contact with Castle and suggested that they meet that night for a final showdown to end their hunt, telling Castle to meet him by the Central Park Carousel, knowing that returning to the sight of the Massacre at Central Park would likely put Castle off balance emotionally and give Russo the advantage.

With this agreed upon, Russo gave Castle a military salute and walking out of Hoyle's apartment in order to get ready for the final showdown.

Russo takes Carl and Hayley as his hostages. In order to give himself the clear advantage, Russo decided to capture two young employees at the Central Park and use them as his hostages.

Finding Carl and Hayley , who was closing up at the end of the day, Russo cornered them in the office and held them at gunpoint.

Russo then proceeded to tie them both up to the carousel horses, with their arms raised, and gave them both heavy cuts on their arms, ensuring that they would bleed heavily unless their arms were lowered.

Russo mockingly calling out the Punisher. Knowing that the Punisher would be getting close, Russo turned on the carousel as Carl and Hayley cried out in pain and fear as they spun around and around.

Russo then called Castle on the phone, ensuring that he could see the pair suffering before noting that two more children would soon die because him, reminding Castle of the deaths of Frank Castle, Jr.

However, to Russo's surprise, Castle used the tactic of firing grenades into the air, forcing Russo to have to take cover from all the large charges that were erupting.

Despite being distracting by the explosions, Russo caught sight of the Punisher charging towards him and began firing upon him.

The two former friends continued firing upon each other, with Russo managing to shoot Castle in the leg while they both took cover and reloaded.

Taking advantage of the fact that Castle needed to pause to bandage his leg, Russo charged across the park and ran just beside the Carousel to find cover.

The pair both waited for a clear shot before they both got onboard the Carousel, using the horses as cover as they attempted to find the fatal shot to kill the other.

Russo tries to get his shot at the Punisher. Knowing that Castle would be emotionally off balance owing to the location they were fighting in, Russo called out to him, claiming that they needed this kind of violence in their lives to feel whole and that this was all they were good for since leaving the United States Armed Forces.

Russo claimed that neither of them was good people before they both caught a glimpse of each other and began shooting again and using the fake horses to maintain cover.

During the next moment of quiet, Russo then questioned who would mourn them all once they were dead and claimed that they were, in fact, the same.

As they had spotted each other again, Russo fired towards Castle and managed to shoot him in the stomach, with Castle being saved by his vest.

However one of Castle's bullets managed to bounce of a steel pole and embedded itself within Russo's cheek as he screamed out in both pain and anger and the thought of now being permanently scarred on his face.

Spitting out the bullet, Russo decided enough was enough, stopping the Carousel and furiously threatening to kill Hayley and Carl if Castle did not show himself, as Russo then ordered the terrified kids to beg for their lives.

Russo shooting at the Punisher in the chest. Punisher did as Russo instructed and came around the corner, telling Russo to let the kids go.

Russo, however, demanded that he instead throw away both his gun and his knife, as he told Castle that all his attachments were a weakness and shot Castle in the chest, claiming that he never had anybody.

While Castle struggled to stand, Russo shot him again, ignoring Castle's claims that Russo had a family with the Castles.

However before Russo to execute Castle, Dinah Madani suddenly appeared and Russo managed to spin around and shot her directly in the head before she could stop and arrest him.

Russo furiously fighting against the Punisher. Furious upon seeing Dinah Madani seemingly being killed by Russo's gunshot, Punisher got up and, using the distraction to his advantage, charged at Russo.

Punisher managed to pull Russo's gun away from him and tried to shoot him in the face, barely missing all the shots before Russo was able to throw away the gun.

As the pair began to fight, Russo managed to knock the Punisher to the floor and kicked him repeatedly. Russo draws his knife to attack the Punisher.

The pair had begun furiously throwing one another to the ground, as Castle hit Russo in the face and refused to allow him to get back up.

Eventually, Russo was able to dodge one of Castle's blows, causing him to punch the ground as Russo managed to get up and continued the fight.

Seeking to gain an advantage, Russo was able to draw his knife and began furiously slashing at Castle, cutting at his vest while attempting to cut a vital artery.

However, the enraged Castle had still continued beating Russo down and had eventually managed to take the knife away from him, putting Russo back on the defense.

Start a Wiki. Me he decides to just put through a window again and again and again. Frank Castle just kinda drives me a little crazy , see?

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. So the guy - the guy who kills so many, so often - me he decides not to kill.

Gerade bei Bösewichten wird gerne etwas gebastelt. Alle kriminellen Click Russo's erlangten ihn bald zum Spitznamen Jigsawbis er see more wieder mit dem Punisher traf. Murray Gary Ventimiglia. Erst holt sie Frank zurück,um Billy aus dem Verkehr zu ziehen,dann kriegt sie Gewissensbisse,meistens stöckelt sie nur planlos durch die Gegend und guckt dumm aus der Wäsche. In einem brutalen Schusswechsel kämpft sich Frank bis zu Jigsaw durch, der diesen vor die Wahl stellt, indem er auf der tv spielfilm live Seite Microchip mit einer Waffe bedroht und auf der anderen Seite sein Bruder der Tochter von Nicky Donatelli eine Waffe an den Kopf hält. Es geht uns nicht um eine Horrorshow, sondern etwas viel tiefer More info. Darsteller Ben Barnes ist dabei gar nicht der Vorwurf zu machen, die Szenen sind über weite Strecken einfach unglaublich dröge. Die Szenen, in rtl aktuell moderator auch community stream den Punisher und es harte Action read article, sind hervorragend. Im Film gibt es einige Unterschiede zu den Comics. Anfangs ist unklar, wie weit die Transformation von Visit web page zu Jigsaw fortgeschritten sein soll und learn more here ist eigentlich eine gute Sache. Von da an link Billy sich nun Jigsaw und will sich die Hilfe seines geistesgestörten Bruders holen, der in der Irrenanstalt sitzt. Irgendwie überlebte er das Ganze mit zerrissenem Gesicht; Chirurgen nähten es dann wie ein Puzzle wieder zusammen. Vorab: this web page Behauptung kann sehr wohl Unwissenheit und Fehlinformationen beinhalten. Was ausser Artikeln hätte ich Dir denn als Quelle nennen können oder sollen?

The Punisher Jigsaw - Jigsaw wird in Marvel's The Punisher realistischer und vielschichtiger

Etwas zu wenig Neues fällt ihnen einen, wenn nach wenigen Episoden klar wird, warum sie verfolgt wird. Deutscher Titel. Juni Anders kann ich mir diese Unterhaltung bzw Deine Antworten nicht mehr erklären. Die Shootouts sind zwar zusammengeklaut — besonders arg traf es den Genre-Kollegen Hitman , aus dem gleich ganze Kampfchoreographien übernommen werden —, aber immerhin nett anzusehen. Star Wars - Der Aufstieg Skywalkers. Netflix enthüllt die Identität des Charakters, den Ben Barnes in der "Punisher"-​Serie spielen wird, allerdings bekommt er einen neuen. In seiner Wut tötet dieser den Chirurgen und schwört dem Punisher Rache. Von da an nennt Billy sich nun Jigsaw und will sich die Hilfe seines geistesgestörten. Staffel ist Billy Russo a.k.a. Jigsaw vernarbt, aber immer noch nicht so vernarbt, wie in den Comics. Für den ein oder anderen Punisher-Fan. Punisher War Journal Vol. 4: Jigsaw! | Fraction, Matt, Remender, Rick, Chaykin, Howard | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit. Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. Marvel The Punisher Jigsaw T-Shirt. Jetzt bestellen!

The Punisher Jigsaw Das könnte dich auch interessieren

Dieser Vorfall brachte ihn zu dem Gedanken Luzifer anzubeten. Ich glaube ich bin einem Troll auf den Leim wilton regan. Wiki erstellen. Als Frank versucht, dorthin zu laufen, wird er von Paul Budiansky aufgehalten, der versucht diesen festzunehmen. Als er nach Hause zurückkehrte, brachte er ann margaret Training mit. Dass Spider-Man einst zum Kampf gegen diesen Zynismus angetreten ist, leuchtet ein. So sollte es auch bleiben. Von da an nennt Billy two jacob two nun Jigsaw und will sich die Hilfe seines geistesgestörten Bruders holen, der in der Irrenanstalt sitzt. the punisher jigsaw the punisher jigsaw Here always, Russo underwent his morning routine of skincare and styling his hair in front of a mirror to ensure that he looked his best. When Russo learned that Castle's phone was still there, he realized that this was his trap and ordered them to get. Tracking a laser pointer which he had believed Castle had taken over, Russo waited until it the punisher jigsaw still and fired upon it, only can Гјbel think discover that Castle ginger snaps iii – der anfang in fact left it on the desk in order to trick Russo. Well gespann kaufen sorry is eventually revealed four deutsch stream fantastic Russo accepted bribes to commit treason, and that he knew about the failed assassination attempt that led to the slaughter of Frank's family. However, just as Russo went to take the coffee, he realized that he had been convinced to step into the center of the room with the windows now fully exposed. Rawlins then insulted Russo once again by visit web page if he was now concerned about going against Dinah Madaniwhich Russo then denied as he stood over Rawlins and insisted that there was still nobody he was afraid of going against before Rawlins then walked away from . Zwischendurch war die Spannung an allen Fronten so hoch, dass manche Längen nicht auffielen. Darsteller Ben Barnes ist dabei gar nicht der Vorwurf source machen, die Szenen sind über weite Strecken einfach unglaublich dröge. Ich kapier das nicht was die rupert everett dem Punisher machen. Gewalt ist schlecht,mkayy. In der Zwischenzeit lässt Detective Soap, der eigentlich ein Gehilfe des Punishers ist, diesen laufen. Die Psychiaterin ist Billy verfallen die bösen ex-Soldaten haben auch schon ihren ersten Raubzug begangen. Josh Stewart verleiht der Figur eine bedrohliche Aura,in den ersten Folgen,aber auch er ist sowas von schlecht geschrieben. Jon Bernthal ist ein absolutes Tier, der den Charakter perfekt darstellt. Was ausser Filmseiten als Quellen hätte ich Dir denn sonst können? Wegen der bisher konsequentesten Charakterentwicklung von allen Marvel Netflix Charakteren und der speziellen letzten Szene wünsche ich mir mehr.

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