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Als der siebte Hokage von Konoha ist Naruto nun mit Pflichten überhäuft, die ein Problem für seine Beziehung zu seinem Sohn Boruto darstellen. Mit:Yuko. Narutos Sohn Boruto ist sehr ehrgeizig und arbeitet hart für seinen Erfolg. Nach einem Streit mit seinem Vater wendet Boruto sich jedoch gegen den Hokage. Im Anime Boruto: Naruto - The Movie eifert Boruto seinem Vater Naruto nach und Mehr Infos: DVD, Standard Version, Sprachen: Deutsch, Japanisch, Ab Der elfte Naruto-Film, welcher auf dem gleichnamigen Manga-Comic basiert. Bewertung. Boruto: Naruto - The Movie Trailer deutsch. Bewertung. Redaktions. Deutsch Boruto: Naruto the Movie. Status: Abgeschlossen. Veröffentlicht: ​ Publisher: KSM Anime. Synonyme: Boruto: Naruto - Der Film.

boruto naruto the movie deutsch

Der elfte Naruto-Film, welcher auf dem gleichnamigen Manga-Comic basiert. Bewertung. Boruto: Naruto - The Movie Trailer deutsch. Bewertung. Redaktions. Die Deutsche Synchro war auch ganz gut. Nur scheitet hier mal wieder der Bösewicht in der Geschichte. Total belanglos und dumm war der Typ. Aber sonst.​. Narutos Sohn Boruto ist sehr ehrgeizig und arbeitet hart für seinen Erfolg. Nach einem Streit mit seinem Vater wendet Boruto sich jedoch gegen den Hokage.

Jutsu Shadow Shikamaru belong sealed in here. It Rasenganku That is cool. Anyone can use it? Chakra has nothing to do with this. I could even say Not to be a Ninja to -.

Because Chakra is not involved, Pitch could create problems. The most important thing is Communicate accordingly. As a Seventh Hokage, Naruto has just explained That's what we stand for peace After going through many wars.

But we must not forget that peace is there Because of the sacrifice of many Shinobi. So, this ensures that the Shinobi who die in battle Do not die in vain.

And to preserve this peace We must teach young people The next generation, about this. We can not say that this great battle scars The five villages have been completely healed.

Through the efforts of the Seventh Hokage, The five villages that once mutual alienation has become one And step by step, they made a breakthrough progress.

You're absolutely right. We are an advanced society of information and communication, And we must also continue to keep the peace and prosperity that we have to protect.

Now, about the Chunin exam for the first time The five villages mutually agree to jointly sponsored. You want to say something to the Genin who will participate?

Just remember these three things! Cooperation and perseverance By the way, thanks for the words that inspired it. We bring you directly today.

Hey, dad. I am not speaking in the shadows, is not it? Of course not. This is the Hokage office space. Do not call me "Father" here.

So, what about the mission? Well, it was an easy mission. I was even able to solve it yourself. The most important thing for a shinobi is teamwork and perseverance.

You should practice as trio I do not even need to practice to make a three-image of myself. As of April , Naruto manga has sold million copies worldwide.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Adventure , fantasy [1]. NA Viz Media. Anime television series. Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Anime and manga portal. Years before a fight against a person named Kawaki in a ruined Hidden Leaf Village, Boruto Uzumaki remembers his childhood as he describes himself as a child who detests his home as his father, Naruto, the leader of the area has to spend little time with his family due to his job.

When Naruto's best friend, Sasuke Uchiha , returns from to the village to warn him about two dangerous enemies, Boruto requests Sasuke to train him so that he will suprass his father.

Sasuke agrees on the condition he performs Naruto's Rasengan technique which Boruto does both on his own as well as technological device.

Tempted to impress his father with the upcoming ninja exams to become high ranking Chunin, Boruto enters into the test with his teammates Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki although he is conflicted to use technological devices.

The final chapter is a prequel focused on Mitsuki's origins as a testsubject from a former criminal named Orochimaru who created him.

Mitsuki abandons Orochimaru and goes to the Leaf Village to find his own identity. Stupid Old Man!! Kuso Oyaji!! Boruto's success in the first Chunin examinations attracts his father attention.

In another part of the text, Boruto uses ninja technology which causes him to be disqualified by Naruto. As this happens, the Hidden Leaf is attacked by Sasuke's enemies which whom he identifies as Kinshiki Otsutsuki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

Fearing the destruction of the village and the deaths of its citizens, Naruto allows himself to be kindapped by the invasors who wish to take the Nine-tailed Demon Fox hidden within his body.

Following Boruto's recovery, he realizes the error of his ways but is motivated by Sasuke to go on a mission with the other villages' leaders, the Kages, in order to rescue Naruto.

As they rescue Naruto, Boruto manages to bond with his father. Sasuke and the Kages overpower Kinshiki who is absorbed by Momoshiki in order to increase his powers.

My Story!! Ore no monogatari!! Naruto and Sasuke team up to overwhelm Momoshiki but the scientist Katasuke makes the enemy recover his power.

Weakened, Naruto shares his power with his son so that he can create a giant Rasengan. With Sasuke's assitance, Boruto manages to kill Momoshiki.

Before his death, Momoshiki implants a seal within Boruto's hand which Sasuke decides to investigate. Following the fight and the exams' cancellation, Boruto decides he will become a vigilante like Sasuke to support his daughter, Sarada, as she wishes to success Naruto as the next Hokage.

The Value of a Hidden Ace!! Kirifuda no Kachi!! Boruto befriends Tento and teaches him the use of shurikens while acting as his bodyguard.

As he later overhears that Tento was kidnapped by the Mujina Bandits, Boruto asks Sarada he cannot join on their next mission.

Boruto saves Tento from the cannibalistic Shojoji who aimed to take the child's appearance. During their fight, Boruto's chakra is sealed by the mark Momoshiki implanted on him, but Mitsuki and Sarada manage to reach him to defeat Shojoji.

As Shojoji is arrested, Sasuke interrogates him, having learned he knows of Boruto's mark. Through the interrogation, Sasuke learns of an organization in search of people with different marks named Kara.

Naruto and Sasuke inform Boruto of an impending danger and how he the team should rely on new type of ninja technology created by Katasuke.

While Boruto is initially against this, Mitsuki convinces his teammate that he should accept it as Sarada already accepted it and that it is his dream to support the next Hokage like the vigilante Sasuke.

Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki bodyguard Katasuke unaware that the group Kara is looking for them thanks to an elder named Ao, an agent working for them.

After training with the ninja technology devices, Boruto's team go with Katasuke to find their missing leader, Konohamaru Sarutobi, and their partner Mugino.

Although the team manages to reunite with Konohamaru and Mugino, they are cornered by Ao in a cave. Ao overwhelms Konohamaru's team, leading Mugino to sacrifice himself so that the ninjas will escape from the cave.

Having learned that Katasuke had been controlled by Kara's members through an illusion technique, Team Konohamaru devise a plan to fight Ao once again.

In their second fight against Kara's agent, Team Konohamaru trick Ao into giving him more scientific tools in order to defeat him with Boruto's Rasengan.

Following Ao's defeat, Kara's agent Koji Kashin arrives, killing his own agent. Koji battles Konohamaru one-on-one, taking the upperhand.

Before Konohamaru is killed, Boruto's seal activates in the form larger mark that absorbs Koji's technique whom he refers as "Karma".

As Koji decides to abandon the area, Team Konohamaru return to the village but find a young Kawaki who is also covered by the Karma marks.

As the former Kara member Kawaki wakes up, Garou from the same group comes to retrieve him, calling him "vessel". Using his Karma power, Kawaki manages to kill his enemy but falls unconscious.

Konohamaru decides to take him to the Leaf Village where Naruto decides to take care of him in order to protect him from his enemies.

As a result, Boruto and Kawaki start living together, something the two dislike with the former hating how Kawaki destroyed Himawari's favorite flowervase and the latter hating Boruto's complete unwillingness to let him do what he wants and listen to what he wants to say.

However, Kawaki decides to tell Uzumaki family his past as he remembers the time when his abusive father sold his son to Jigen who used him as an experiment and bestowed upon Kawaki the Karma.

As Kawaki starts bonding with the Uzumaki family, Kara members Koji and Delta plan to enter into the village to take back their agent, with Koji entering the village undetected but leaving Delta behind.

After seeing Boruto and Naruto training, Kawaki decides explain to them how the Karma seal is able to enhance the abilities of their users.

Seeing as Kawaki wants to repair Himawari's vase, Boruto and his adoptive brother also start training to master their Karmas, unaware that Koji is watching them.

Delta then appears in the area and starts fighting against Naruto to take Kawaki back. As Delta's body is covered with the ability of absorbing chakra, Naruto manages to defeat her when pushing her usage to the limit.

Delta escapes and reunites with Kara and talks with them about Boruto possessing Karma, something they seek.

Admiring him more due to the protection he has given him, Kawaki asks Naruto to start training him to become a ninja like Boruto which the Hokage agrees.

Meanwhile, Sasuke continues investigating the Kara organization and arriving on a site related to Kara with the coordinates Konoha managed to retrieve from Kara, discovers another Otsutsuki and Ten Tails, the personification of a creature he and Naruto sealed fifteen years ago during the world war.

Jigen arrives and absorbs the creatures chakra while Sasuke falls back to warn Naruto, finding the situation too dangerous to engage alone, and heads to find two vessels: Boruto and Kawaki.

Boruto's Karma activates as Jigen forcibly activates Kawaki's Karma and teleports into Konoha intent on bringing back his adopted son.

Naruto is briefly swiftly overpowered and pinned down as Kawaki is left to face Jigen alone, in the process of which his Karma develops to the point of sprouting a horn, but he swiftly recovers and saves Kawaki.

Even as Kawaki surrenders to Jigen, fearing what Jigen could do to Naruto, Jigen, seeing Naruto won't cooperate, teleports Naruto to another dimension and Sasuke arrives.

Although the two initially manage to push back Jigen, learning of his ability to shrink objects, once Jigen activates his Karma to the fullest, he decisively overpowers and critically injures the two even when they too use their full power, with Naruto sacrificing himself for Sasuke to barely escape and being sealed away.

The fight at the same time also substantially weakens Jigen as Isshiki Otsutsuki, revealed to be possessing Jigen, curses at his weakness and the Kara leader withdraws back to the base and has to rest for 2 days.

Koji, deducing this, leaves Konoha to try to kill Jigen. Meanwhile, Konoha's Police Force and Team 7 arrive too late as Kawaki's prosthetic hand breaks off momentarily before functioning once again, proof that Naruto lost to Jigen but is still alive.

Kawaki and Boruto open a portal to another dimension and arrive with Team 7 to find Boro, another Inner of Kara, guarding the coffin that Jigen sealed Naruto in.

Boruto's team has problems facing Boro who is able to regenerate his body regardless of techiques that wound him. As Boruto and Kawaki run of chakra, Sarada manages to perform her father's lightning based technique Chidori to take the upperhand and weaken Boro.

As the group prepare to take Naruto back to the village, Boro uses his last forces to take them down.

Boruto vs. Retrieved 25 September Das Ding, das Erinnerungen - Https:// Veröffentlichungsdatum: Archived from the original on 26 December lebens der film des sinn Boruto : Naruto The Movie. Uzumaki Naruto is my father. Der Sohn des Hokage - Go here 2 Veröffentlichungsdatum: Naruto shippuden vs boruto:naruto next generation. Rivalen, versammelt euch - Episode 56 Veröffentlichungsdatum: Die Deutsche Synchro war auch ganz gut. Nur scheitet hier mal wieder der Bösewicht in der Geschichte. Total belanglos und dumm war der Typ. Aber sonst.​. Boruto: Naruto The Movie ein Film von Hiroyuki Yamashita, deutsche stimmen: Henning Nöhren, Daniel Kirchberger. Inhaltsangabe: Mit. boruto naruto the movie deutsch

Boruto Naruto The Movie Deutsch Video

Boruto the movie (sub indo ) #Stayathome#withme boruto naruto the movie deutsch Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Kritik schreiben. Weitere Informationen findest du in unseren datenschutz- und cookie-richtlinien. Gekauft Wunschliste Lesezeichen Zurücksetzen. Jetzt testen und mit jedem Einkauf Rakuten Superpunkte sammeln. Von Hiroyuki Yamashita. Nachdem verschwunden ist, ziehen Boruto, Sasuke und die fünf Kage something orang utan bordelle simply, ihn zu finden…. Anmelden via Facebook. Team America. Alle anzeigen. Trailer anschauen Zur Merkliste hinzufügen. Kommentar speichern.

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Die Animation der Kämpfe und des gesamten Films könnten wohne ich besser sein, und die Story ist learn more here verständlich und nachvollziehbar. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Yukari Tamura. Anime-Liste von Salivarius. Boruto: Naruto - The Movie. Anime Informationen Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Boruto Naruto The Movie Deutsch Video

BORUTO - NARUTO THE MOVIE - Trailer deutsch german [HD] Anime German und Kinderfilme von FlyDrachen. Farb-Format Farbe. Kommentare zu Boruto: Naruto - The Movie werden geladen Alle anzeigen. Kokoro Kikuchi. Sasuke, der gerade eigentlich auf einer Mission ist, erscheint Naruto, um continue reading vor einer kommenden Gefahr zu warnen. Inhalt 1 boruto naruto the movie full 2 boruto the movie english subbed 3 boruto movie stream. Überfall der Otsutsuki - Episode Comic Book Read more. Chakra has nothing to do with. Beziehungsgeflecht - Continue reading 23 Veröffentlichungsdatum: Der letzte Unterricht - Episode 6. Seeing as Kawaki wants to repair Himawari's vase, Boruto and his adoptive brother also start training to master their Karmas, unaware that Koji is watching. Super-Chochos Liebestaumel - Episode 69 Veröffentlichungsdatum: Aber sich Boruto selbst so sicher war, dass er das Zeug dazu hat, den 7. Für womöglich ein absolutes Muss - jedoch nicht mit article source deutschen Synchronisation, denn die source absolut katastrophal. Behind this, he has feelings of wanting to surpass Naruto, dee dee is respected as a hero. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Produktionsjahr Rapunzel - Verföhnt, Verlobt, Verheiratet. Dann empfehlen wir, zusätzlich einen Link zum Anime-Eintrag hier auf aniSearch mit anzugeben. Möchte ich sehen. Hiroyuki Yamashita. Yukari Tamura.

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